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 __FullscreenMode, D3DInterface
 __Resize, D3DInterface
 __WindowedMode, D3DInterface
 AquireAndLoad, Resource
 CheckoutDevice, D3DInterface
 CloseFile, FileLogger
 CompleteUnload, RSRC
 Create, VertexBufferResource
 CreateBlankSurface, SurfaceResource
 CreateClipper, DDrawInterface
 CreateFromFile, SurfaceResource
 CreateSurface, DDrawInterface
 CStartup, CStartup
~CStartup, CStartup
 D3DDevice, D3DDevice
~D3DDevice, D3DDevice
 D3DInterface, D3DInterface
~D3DInterface, D3DInterface
 DDrawInterface, DDrawInterface
~DDrawInterface, DDrawInterface
 Detach, Resource
 DisplayModeShift, CStartup
 FileLogger, FileLogger
~FileLogger, FileLogger
 getBackBuffer, DDrawInterface
 getBackBufferFormat, CStartup
 getBpp, CStartup
 getDDraw, DDrawInterface
 getFSHeight, CStartup
 getFSWidth, CStartup
 getHeight, CStartup
 getHz, CStartup
 getMode, CStartup
 getPrimaryBuffer, DDrawInterface
 getType, Resource
 getVSync, CStartup
 getWidth, CStartup
 InitDevice, D3DInterface
 InitDevices, CStartup
 InitDisplay, DDrawInterface
 Lock, Resource
 OpenFile, FileLogger
 operator, D3DDevice
 operator LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9, D3DDevice
 operator!, D3DDevice
 operator<<, FileLogger
 ProcessState, CStartup
 Reload, RSRC
 ResetDevice, D3DInterface
 ResetUnload, RSRC
 ResizeBackBuffer, DDrawInterface
 ResizeWindow, CStartup
 Resource, Resource
~Resource, Resource
 RestoreDisplay, DDrawInterface
 ShowStartupDialog, CStartup
 ShutdownDevice, D3DInterface
 ShutdownInterface, DDrawInterface
 TriggerTestState, CStartup
static int __FullscreenMode()
Get the ResetDevice ready fullscreen mode
static int __Resize()
Resizes the backbuffer from a window size change
static int __WindowedMode()
Get the ResetDevice ready windowed mode
int AquireAndLoad()
The Object its attached to aquires any needed interfaces and loads the data into memory based on the initialization settings.
const LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 CheckoutDevice(int &ID)
Use the D3DDevice for using these functions to stay exception safe.
void CloseFile()
Closes up the opened file and puts the class into an invalid state
void CompleteUnload()
Unloads all resources regardless of flags.
int Create(int size,
DWORD vertex_type,
DWORD RSrc_Flags)
Creates a vertex buffer with the specified parameters
int CreateBlankSurface(LPRECT rcSize,  
DWORD RSrc_Flags,  
int (*Reset_Func)(RSRC_LOCKINFO_PTR LockInfo) =  NULL,
int AlphaEnabled =  true,
int NewBpp =  0)
Uses parameters to create a blank surface and optionally allows to fill the surface using a fuction pointer.
LPDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER CreateClipper(const int num_rects,
const LPRECT clip_list) const
Creates a clipper object using the provided parameters.
int CreateFromFile(IMAGE_OPTIONS_PTR Options,
DWORD RSrc_Flags)
Uses provided options to create an object.
   const int width,  
   const int height,  
   const int bpp = 0
) const
Creates a surface using the provided parameters.
Simply increases the internal reference count
Simply decreases the internal reference count
D3DDevice() : d3ddev(NULL), id3d(), ID(0)
Grabs a Direct3DDevice9 from the D3D Interface and stores the ID.
If there is a device attached, it returns it with the ID saved in the constructor
Gets a handle to the DIRECT3D9 Interface if there is none already
Closes the interface, but does not shutdown the handle unless explicitely told to.
Attempts to query an IDirectDraw7 interface and initialize it for use.
Does nothing except keep track of an internal count of created classes
void Detach()
Detaches itself from the Object it was pointing to.
STATE_TYP DisplayModeShift(HWND LogWindow)
Puts the startup into a state to change the display mode from Fullscreen or Windowed.
int EnumDisplayModes (const HWND hwnd,
const int rcResource) const
Fills the windows control with all the available display modes.
int EnumDisplayModes(const HWND hwnd,
const int rcResource) const
Enumerates the valid display modes for the device
FileLogger() : Valid(false)
Just initializes the class into an invalid state
Closes the file.
const LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 getBackBuffer(void) const
Get the interface to the main BackBuffer.
UINT getBackBufferFormat() const // Specifies the exact type of the back buffer
Specifies the exact type of the pixel format of the back buffer.
UINT getBpp() const // Stores the bits per pixel
The bits per pixel for the current display mode.
const LPDIRECTDRAW7 getDDraw(void) const
Grabs the main DDraw inerface pointer.
static DWORD getFlags()
Gets the current flags of the D3DInterface
DWORD getFlags()
Gets the current flags of the resource.
UINT getFSHeight() const
The stored fullscreen height of the backbuffer
UINT getFSWidth() const
The stored fullscreen width of the backbuffer
UINT getHeight() const
The current height of the window or back buffer
UINT getHz() const // The hz the screen updates at
The current HZ the monitor is sync at.
MODE_TYP getMode() const
The current MODE_TYP
const LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 getPrimaryBuffer(void) const
Get the interface to the Primary Buffer.
static STATE_TYP getState()
Retrieves the state of the interface
static D3D_STATE_TYP getState()
Gets the current state of the D3DInterface
static DDRAW_STATE_TYP getState()
Returns the current state of the interface
Gets the current state of the resource.
Gets the current type of the object the resource is connected to.
UINT getVSync() const // May not even be an option, but will include anyway
True if the display refresh rate is in sync with the monitor.
UINT getWidth() const
The current width of the window or back buffer
static int Init()
Initializes GDI+ for use.
int Init(MODE_TYP Interface)
Initializes the resource interfaces to use the specified mode
static int InitDevice(const HWND hwnd)
Uses the startup settings from CStartup to setup the display mode
int InitDevices()
Initializes devices for the desired running mode.
int InitDisplay()
Initializes the display for rendering.
int Lock(RSRC_LOCKINFO_PTR LockInfo)
Locks a resource and locks the objects mutex.
int OpenFile(char *logName,
std::ios::openmode mode)
Opens a file for input
const LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 operator->() const
Indirection operator so you can use this class as if its the device.
operator LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9() const
Used to provide the class directly whenever a function needs a D3DDevice pointer
BOOL operator!() const
Polls wether a D3DDevice has been checkout or not
STATE_TYP ProcessState()
Processes the current state of the interface.
int Reload()
Reloads all resources that have are in state RSRC_STATE_PENDING.
static int ResetDevice()
Uses the previous init settings to recreate a lost device
void ResetUnload()
Unloads all resource that have RSRC_RESET set.
static int ResizeBackBuffer()
Resizes the back buffer in the interface to match the window after a resize.
static STATE_TYP ResizeWindow(int width,
int height)
Resizes the back buffer to match a resized window.
) : Flags(0), State(RSRC_STATE_CLEAN), Type(RSRC_TYPE_NONE), pObject(NULL)
Creates an empty resource class.
virtual ~Resource()
Detaches itself with the Object.
int RestoreDisplay()
Restores the display back to initialized settings.
void ReturnDevice(void)
Returns the device before the class goes out of scope
void ReturnDevice(int &ID)
Use the D3DDevice for using these functions to stay exception safe.
int ShowStartupDialog(HINSTANCE hinstance)
Show the main startup dialog and save the results into the class.
static void Shutdown()
Shutdown all the interfaces.
static void Shutdown()
Shutsdown GDI+.
void Shutdown()
Shuts down the resource interface
static void ShutdownDevice()
Shutsdown all the D3D Interfaces.
static void ShutdownInterface()
Shutdown the interface.
STATE_TYP TestState()
Tests the state of the devices for any changes.
static D3D_STATE_TYP TestState()
Tests the coop mode and adjust the state as neccessary
static DDRAW_STATE_TYP TestState()
Tests the interface and makes adjustments to the state as neccessary
Tests the state of the Object and copies over all its state information into the resource.
static STATE_TYP TriggerTestState()
If possible, puts the interface into STATE_TEST.