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class CStartup
Interface to control and query the running state of the program.
class D3DDevice : public boost::noncopyable
This will grab the D3D Device in an exception-safe way.
class D3DInterface
This is the main interface into Direct3D.
class DDrawInterface
Controls DirectDraw and provides a common interface to all of its functions.
namespace Errors
Contains only a single variable responsible for returning and signaling a fatal error
class FileLogger
Used to log everything during the runtime of the program.
class GDIInterface
Provides an interface to startup and shutdown the GDI+ Interface
typedef struct IMAGE_OPTIONS_TYP
Used to describe how to open and load an image from disk.
namespace Logger
Contains the FileLogger class and the static log file that is opened at the beginning of the program
class Object
Our abstact geralized object class.
class Resource
Our top level resource class.
namespace RNDR
Describes everything about rendering to the screen.
namespace RSRC
Everything related to loading and mantaining a resource is in this namespace
typedef struct RSRC_LOCKINFO_TYP
This structure is used to request and to process locks made on resources.
typedef struct SETTINGS_TYP
This structure is more or less obsolete.
class SurfaceResource : public Resource
Allows access to creation of SurfaceResources and provides the neccessary functions to create SurfaceObjects of various types.
typedef struct VERTEX_OPTIONS_TYP
Structure used to create a VertexBufferResource
class VertexBufferResource : public Resource
Inherits from Resource.
typedef struct ViewInit2D_TYP
Describes the how a View should be configured.