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 __FullscreenMode, D3DInterface
 __Resize, D3DInterface
 __WindowedMode, D3DInterface
 _Mutex, FileLogger
 _Stream, FileLogger
 Access Functions
 Accessor Functions
 AquireAndLoad, Resource
 BackBufferFormat, SETTINGS_TYP
 CheckoutDevice, D3DInterface
 CloseFile, FileLogger
 CompleteUnload, RSRC
 Contructors, DDrawInterface
 Create, VertexBufferResource
 CreateBlankSurface, SurfaceResource
 CreateClipper, DDrawInterface
 CreateFromFile, SurfaceResource
 CreateSurface, DDrawInterface
 Creation Functions
~CStartup, CStartup
 D3D Interface
~D3DDevice, D3DDevice
~D3DInterface, D3DInterface
 DDraw Interface
~DDrawInterface, DDrawInterface
 Default Values
 Destructor, Resource
 Detach, Resource
 Display Functions, DDrawInterface
 DisplayModeShift, CStartup
static int __FullscreenMode()
Get the ResetDevice ready fullscreen mode
static int __Resize()
Resizes the backbuffer from a window size change
static int __WindowedMode()
Get the ResetDevice ready windowed mode
boost::recursive_mutex _Mutex
boost::recursive_mutex that protects the class from multiple threads accessing the _Stream at the same time.
std::fstream _Stream
std::fstream The stream that links to the filename for logging
The first two do not require any interface and are declared static so anything can access them.
int AquireAndLoad()
The Object its attached to aquires any needed interfaces and loads the data into memory based on the initialization settings.
UINT BackBufferFormat
UINT Specifies the exact type of the back buffer for D3D objects to know
int bpp
INT The bits per pxiel.
UINT bpp
UINT The Bits per Pixel of the display
int Bpp
INT Specifies a different bpp to convert the image to
50000 Maximum size of the log output window’s buffer
const LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 CheckoutDevice(int &ID)
Use the D3DDevice for using these functions to stay exception safe.
void CloseFile()
Closes up the opened file and puts the class into an invalid state
void CompleteUnload()
Unloads all resources regardless of flags.
int Create(int size,
DWORD vertex_type,
DWORD RSrc_Flags)
Creates a vertex buffer with the specified parameters
int CreateBlankSurface(LPRECT rcSize,  
DWORD RSrc_Flags,  
int (*Reset_Func)(RSRC_LOCKINFO_PTR LockInfo) =  NULL,
int AlphaEnabled =  true,
int NewBpp =  0)
Uses parameters to create a blank surface and optionally allows to fill the surface using a fuction pointer.
LPDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER CreateClipper(const int num_rects,
const LPRECT clip_list) const
Creates a clipper object using the provided parameters.
int CreateFromFile(IMAGE_OPTIONS_PTR Options,
DWORD RSrc_Flags)
Uses provided options to create an object.
   const int width,  
   const int height,  
   const int bpp = 0
) const
Creates a surface using the provided parameters.
class CStartup
Interface to control and query the running state of the program.
Simply increases the internal reference count
Simply decreases the internal reference count
Describes the D3DInterface and all its constants
Interface is not initialized
Interface is in an errored mode
Interface is ready to use
Interface is ready to be restored
Used to describe the state of the D3DInterface class
Interface must wait to be used
class D3DDevice : public boost::noncopyable
This will grab the D3D Device in an exception-safe way.
D3DDevice() : d3ddev(NULL), id3d(), ID(0)
Grabs a Direct3DDevice9 from the D3D Interface and stores the ID.
If there is a device attached, it returns it with the ID saved in the constructor
class D3DInterface
This is the main interface into Direct3D.
Gets a handle to the DIRECT3D9 Interface if there is none already
Closes the interface, but does not shutdown the handle unless explicitely told to.
Clears out a DirectDraw structure and sets the dwSize member
Describes the DDrawInterface and all its constants
A clean state means that nothing has been done yet
There has been an unrecoverable error
Temporary state while beginning to exit fullscreen mode
The DDraw Interface pointers are no longer valid
Ready and initialized
Ready to restore the DDrawInterface
Describes the state of the DDrawInterface
Surface is optimized for reads.
System Memory
Used when calling DDrawInterface::CreateSurface
Video Memory
Surface is WriteOnly
Not yet ready to retore the DDrawInterface
class DDrawInterface
Controls DirectDraw and provides a common interface to all of its functions.
Attempts to query an IDirectDraw7 interface and initialize it for use.
Does nothing except keep track of an internal count of created classes
void Detach()
Detaches itself from the Object it was pointing to.
Defaults to 600.
Defaults to 800.
All the functions that setup and maintain the display.
STATE_TYP DisplayModeShift(HWND LogWindow)
Puts the startup into a state to change the display mode from Fullscreen or Windowed.
DWORD dwD3DInitMode
DWORD Some options for the D3DInterface to use.